Natural Therapy

Natural therapy in Geelong

Complementary to Physiotherapy and CranioSacral therapy we do offer Natural Therapy to help you improve your total health.

  • Reiki and energy healing are provided by Michael. As Reiki healing hands cannot be "turned off" once activated you will always receive the benefits of Reiki when you book CranioSacral with Michael.

  • Breathwork and meditation courses are provided throughout the year and are great to restore the nervous and endocrine systems.

  • Homeopathy is derived from plants and minerals and is a great alternative and 100% natural.

Complete Health

Physical, Emotional and Mental Health are all connected
Couple in Nature

Reiki &
Energy Healing

Reiki therapy is a stress reduction and relaxation technique for your physical and emotional body working as a support mechanism

Reiki Therapy
Meditate at the beach

Breathwork & Meditation

Opening up the body and the nervous, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and endocrine system


Homeopathy is a holistic health philosophy and practice. Products are made of substances that are derived from plants or minerals.

Assorted Medicine