Professional Physiotherapy & Sports physio clinic in Geelong

Our expert physio provides services for all musculoskeletal injuries and sports physiotherapy treatment for your active lifestyle. You can visit our clinic in East Geelong or Hamlyn Heights for all your physiotherapy needs. 


We deliver evidence-based rehabilitation tailored to each individual goal. Reducing your pain, gaining back the freedom of your movement, and restoring your strength most effectively is our motivation. Exercises, manual therapy & hands-on treatment are all part of our health solutions to support your well-being and improve your quality of life.  


eMotion Health physio clinic is about restoration, improvement and effective communication.

Our expert physio treatments

We can help you have an active life

Your body is your most precious tool. We want you to succeed in your recovery and support you throughout that process. At eMotion Health clinic in Geelong, our physio will look at how your pain level can be improved using individual assessment tools to help you get better and get you moving again.  


Pain on a daily basis can reduce our quality of life, this is why a visit to a physiotherapist can greatly help pain levels in the knees, back, headache, etc. However, pain can be tricky as a headache can originate from a cervical displacement or a misaligned jaw/TMJ. Lower back pain can result from a past back injury. This is the reason why our physio is trained in whole-body assessment and evaluation. Every treatment plan is adapted to each individual plus we will give you exercises to strengthen your body so that you can prevent further injuries. 

eMotion Health Physio, a Holistic approach to pain

Professional Physiotherapy & Sports physio clinic in Geelong

Joanna has a master's degree in physiotherapy with further training in CranioSacral therapy, TMJ disorder & Jaw Pain, Headache, Migraine, sports physiotherapy and 10+ years of experience. Your physiotherapist will give you a tailored therapy plan to get you back quickly to your active life and prevent future injuries.

If you’ve been involved in an injury, physiotherapy will help you restore your movement and help in relieving pain during the healing process. Our approach to treatment often includes a combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques, acupuncture, exercise programs, and sports taping. Your Geelong's physio will provide treatment options that promote and accelerate recovery. 

Headaches, Migraines
& Neck Pain

Medication-free method where 80% of patients see an improvement in their headaches & migraines symptoms within 4-5 treatments

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Image by Emma Ou

Jaw Pain &
TMJ Disorders

Our physiotherapist provides specialized treatment to relieve your sore jaw & TMJ dysfunction

Musculoskeletal &
Sports Injury

We are experts in treating ligament, joint, or muscle injuries and we know exactly how we can tailor your exercise plan to get you back moving again

Leg Injury

Dry Needling &
Western Acupuncture

  • pain relief

  • reduction of inflammation 

  • improving local immune & healing responses 

  • relaxing muscle spasms to assist in healing


Mobile Physiotherapy & NDIS Treatments from the comfort of your home for self-managed and plan managed NDIS participants