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Sinus Headache

Updated: Jun 6

The build-up of pressure in blocked sinuses will cause headaches that are difficult to relieve

Headaches due to sinus infection

Sinuses are air-filled spaces behind your nose, inside the forehead and cheekbones. These channels can get irritated by allergens in the air (dust-mites, mold, pollen, etc.). When the sinuses get inflamed, they swell and produce mucus that can block your sinuses. The build-up of pressure in blocked sinuses will cause headaches that are difficult to relieve. You might also experience a runny nose, fullness in your ears, or even swelling in your face. If it’s an infection you will more likely have a fever and requires a GP consultation. Many people suffer from chronic sinus irritation and inflammation that is causing or contributing to their headaches. During the winter season in Brisbane, the air becomes colder and many people experience regular sinus irritation during that time. Summer, on the other hand, can get very dry and hot which in turn can also dry our sinuses, causing irritation and inflammation. A lot of people with sinus issues are unable to breathe with their noses due to congestion and must breathe with their mouth which causes issues, like dry mouth, and may result in low oxygen concentration in the blood.

Treatment of sinus headache

The treatment aims to reduce inflammation and swelling in your sinuses to clear the channels for better airflow. Some many antihistamines or decongestants are available over the counter, but it is not recommended to use for more than 3 days as it can increase your symptoms. A very effective and natural way to help your sinuses to recover is a warm steam vaporizer, like Euky Bear.

The benefit of warm steam

A warm steam vaporizer heats the water in a container and the water is vaporized into warm steam and humidifies the air. You can use natural essentials oils, like eucalyptus that have anti-inflammatory properties that will aid in reducing inflammation in your sinuses. Warm steam loosens phlegm and soothes a sore throat. It is also very effective in treating dry cough. You can use Euky Bear for up to 14 hours at night for better sleep. My patients who suffer from headaches related to chronic sinus issues have great results since they started using Euky Bear every day. They have noticed an improvement in their quality of sleep and a reduction in their sinus headaches.

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